The best defense is a good offense, and

we need Christian boots on the ground.

Just as every soldier in the army needs basic training that includes more than how to shoot a gun, Christian Soldiers need basic training that includes how to witness for Jesus Christ, how to share compelling Christian evidences, and how to answer the questions posted by skeptics (or at least know there ARE good answers). Please consider four audio mp3 albums as supplements to the basic training at your church. The set (about five hours of training) is titled, How To Share Your Faith -- If You Don't Have the Gift of Evangelism.”

Every believer should be be trained.. BUT it is an imperative that you train your young people.. They have personal contact with many doubters and skeptics.. With proper training, your young people can reach many of them with the Gospel and compelling Christian evidences.

A strength of this training is that believers can listen to these Mp3 albums over and over again on their iPod, Smart Phone, Tablet, or PC, during exercise time, drive time, or whenever.. The set of four albums has five hours of training.

CLICK HERE to listen to the opening ten minute message, and you will want every member in your church to listen to it. Following a short motivational joke, a story sets the stage for a zinger and some vital suggestions for every believer who wants to be an effective witness for Jesus Christ.

As an early staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ (now CRU), I have personally witnessed to hundreds of college students in coffee shops on campuses in eight states. And when I left CRU's staff, I continued to witness to students as the pastor of Grace Bible Church, a few blocks from Texas A&M University.

So I have presented the Gospel and Christian evidences to many student groups. And I have met personally with many skeptics when they could cross-examine me after I shared the Gospel and Christian evidences. That includes students at the University of California at Berkeley, UCLA, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Duke University. So the content in my albums has been tested and refined. Much of what I have learned is in this set of four audio mp3 albums. They are titled:

How To Share Your Faith

Understanding Bible Prophecy

The Resurrection – His and Yours

Yes but FAQ's – answers for skeptics

The priority is to teach believers how to share the Gospel and present compelling Christian evidences. But it is also important that your young people know that there are good answers to the questions skeptics will use to challenge their faith if they attend a secular college, or have a discussion with an advocate for atheism.

One of the hard FAQ's to answer is often expressed, You say God loves us, and is all powerful.. How could an all-powerful, loving God allow evil and suffering?” CLICK HERE to download my eight minute answer in Yes but FAQ's.

Another question (responsible for many students dropping out of church) is expressed, Why do you believe in God? After all, science has proven that evolution is true, and the Christian theory of an Intelligent Designer is unscientific.” The answer in Yes but FAQ's exposes the atheistic philosophy and censorship that promote and defend evolution. Since it is longer, it is divided into three parts. CLICK HERE for part #1, CLICK HERE for part #2, CLICK HERE for part #3. In part #2 my “oyster theory” uses a little humor to explain why many scientists are atheists.

To encourage participation, the How To Share Your Faith album can be purchased for only $2.97. After listening to that album, the other three albums can be purchased as a set for $7.97. Or a believer can start out by purchasing the complete set of four albums for only $8.97. While the last three albums are good training tools for believers, they assume a listener may be an unbeliever. So each of those albums can also be given as a gift, at a cost of only $3.97. Click the link below a title to purchase:

A set of all four albums for only $8.97


How To Share Your Faith – $2.97

A set of the next three albums – $7.97


Understanding Bible Prophecy – $3.97


The Resurrection – His and Yours - $3.97


Yes but FAQ's – answers for skeptics - $3.97


Digitally these albums are small, so they can be kept in an iPhone, Tablet, iPod, or PC for future review again and again. Each album has from 75 to 80 minutes of training, and they are all divided into tracks for easy review. Every believer who wants to help fulfill the Great Commission can be effective when sharing the Gospel and Christian evidences. It just takes time and commitment.

Please listen to another message I developed many years ago as an audio CD. It's titled, There are No Vestigial Christians in the Body of Christ. If your pastor listens to this message, he will probably want every member in his church to listen to it. So please listen to the mp3 version and encourage him to listen to it. This vital message has a short seminar on How to discover your Spiritual Gifts.” .Track #1 has two stories about great Americans that introduce the subject.. CLICK HERE to listen to it. The meat of the message begins in Track #2.. CLICK HERE and you can listen to it and sit in on my seminar on Spiritual gifts.. CLICK HERE for track #3 -- It compares a church to a football team and includes a true story every coach will want to share with his or her team. And pastors will want the application shared with everyone in his church.

In an unusual way, this message will introduce believers to the audio Albums described above (but called CD's when this message was recorded), and encourage them to be loyal members of their church as they work together to help fulfill the Great Commission. But this message is free on this web page.

Great Commission Business Cards

It is not possible for a believer to sit down and present the Gospel to every person they meet. These cards are like cyber-tracts, and they can include an invitation to visit your church. (Their web pages can present a more comprehensive explanation of the Gospel than a small paper tract.)

Your church's members thank people every day for various reasons. Getting them to also give someone a card and to say, “Thank you. I think you will enjoy reading this card.” will only take a few seconds a card. For some believers, giving people cards will be their first step to become a witness for Jesus Christ.

Every church that is committed to the Great Commission can afford these cards – at about a penny a card.

Go to for info

An antidote for the Church Drop-Out Syndrome

It's my observation, after meeting personally with many college students who grew up attending church and have departed, that there are three primary reasons many drop-out:

1. Many do not really understand the Gospel. Some had faith in faith, instead of faith in Jesus Christ and what He did for them on the cross.

2. Most have never seriously considered the evidence that Jesus was and is the Messiah promised hundreds of years before He was born, and that the evidence for His bodily resurrection is rock solid.

3. Many depart when their weak faith is shattered by questions that are posed by skeptics, and since they do not have good answers they assume there are no good answers.

Witnessing is teaching. Many students will have a better comprehension of the Gospel and Christian evidences after they teach it to some skeptics.. And when they share Christian evidences with agnostics and atheists, and at least know there are good answers for their questions, students will find out how strong the evidence is that verifies the historic Christian faith.

Understanding Bible Prophecy (see the note below), and The Resurrection – His and Yours (irrefutable evidence that Jesus Christ is our risen Savior) focus on Christian evidences that verify the Gospel. Yes But FAQ's answers some of their most effective questions skeptics use when they challenge a believers faith.

NOTE: The Understanding Bible Prophecy album does not emphasize eschatology. Rather, it focuses on the historical context, and presents prophetical evidence from the Old Testament that clearly verifies that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah, the eternal Son of God -- our Savior. After presenting the Messianic evidences, it does explains that Israel (having been scattered all over the world in fulfillment of prophecies) will have been regathered back to their promised land when Jesus returns. In light of current events, that gets the attention of many skeptic's. But this album leaves teaching the details of eschatology up to pastors. A longer version is my eBook, The Master Plot of the Bible. $3.77 from Amazom. More info at www.easterpresents/info.

The Understanding Bible Prophecy album can be also an antidote for theB.A.D. Syndrome – Baptized And Departed.” It will lay a foundation for new believers that will help them catch-up with the believers in your church who have long-time Bible knowledge. For some, understanding the Old Testament context for the New Testament will help them know the Gospel is true -- instead of just hoping it is true. It's a good baptism gift for new believers. Better yet, give them the complete set of four audio albums. More info at www.easterpresents/info.

If you have doubts about the value of these albums please read the testimony from an article in Moody Magazine about my ministry in the life of a Duke University student. It is at:

Additional personal background information is at:

At 80 years old, I do not have an organization anyone can join, and I do not compete with other ministries for donated dollars – this ministry is funded by eBook and mp3 album royalties. My calling, for the rest of my life and thereafter (the eBooks and albums will remain on the market after I depart), is to pass on what I have learned in ministries that God has blessed.

My eBooks are titled: The Master Plot of the Bible, As You Are Going.. Make Disciples, Word Dynamics, and You Can Have a Great Date with God...He Has Spoken...His Tomb Is Empty.

The last title is for a three chapter $3 eBook, and includes some of the information that is in the set of audio Mp3 albums. The first chapter is in Amazon's free trial, and includes a printed version of the presentation I include in the How To Share Your Faith audio album. So it will help reinforce the training at no additional cost. It's also a good evangelistic gift (more information below).

The eBook version of As You Are Going.. Make Disciples ($3.77 from Amazon) includes extra chapters that work like flash cards to help a Christian Soldier memorize 130 Bible verses that focus on the person and work of Jesus Christ. So these Bible verses can also be memorized using a smart phone. It also includes some of the same information that is in the set of audio Mp3 files, but teaches from the context of real life stories.

Information about my eBooks and other evangelism tools is at:

Bob Prall M.Div., Author, and Evangelism Encourager

Please also consider the following evangelism strategies:

Young adults from Christian families dropping out of

church is a major problem that must be addressed

Here is an eBook parents and grandparents can give

to loved ones as birthday or graduation presents.

Every believer can give it to friends and

associates as Easter Presents.

For only $3.00, you can have a gift eBook that

presents the Gospel and verifying Christian

evidences sent to a friend or loved one

with your personal note attached

The zero tolerance for Christian influence in America's public schools has infected our culture with a bogus world view that wrongly assumes Christian faith is an irrational, blind leap in the dark. Atheistic humanism has filled the vacuum, and it is devastating the social, cultural, and moral fabric of America. Many young people from Christian families have been infected and have become church drop-outs – and more are at risk.

As a staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ, and as the pastor of Grace Bible Church, in College Station, Texas, Bob Prall presented the Gospel and verifying evidence to hundreds of skeptical college students. As he interacted with students, he developed presentations with compelling Christian evidences that are irrefutable when honestly considered.

In Romans 1:1-4, the Apostle Paul introduces three topics. Bob calls them The Road Map for Evangelism: .1. The Gospel. .2. Prophecies that clearly establish that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah. .3. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ that verifies He is our risen Savior. The last two are the evidences that Bob found effective when he met personally with skeptical college students. His presentations of the Gospel and verifying evidences are now in a three chapter eBook, You Can Have a Great Date with God – He has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty.

For three dollars ($3.00) Amazon will send that eBook anyplace in the world to a loved one, skeptical friend, or doubting believer – with your personal note attached at no additional cost. It's a good gift for parents and grand-parents to send to church drop-outs because it clearly explains the Gospel and presents compelling evidence that validates faith in Jesus Christ.

The first chapter is in a free trial

Read it and you will want to give it

At no additional cost, Amazon will include you personal note, and send it, anyplace in the world, to a friend or loved one:

Suggestion for your note to a loved one:

I know I am forgiven and will go to heaven when I die. I love you and want you to be there with me. The three chapters in this e-book include a clear explanation of the Good News and verifying evidences that assure us it is true. Please read it, and confirm for me that we will spend eternity together in glory.

Suggestion for your note to a friend:

I know I am forgiven and will go to heaven when I die. I want our friendship to continue in heaven. So please read this short e-book. It will explain some good news and solid evidence that Jesus Christ is our living Savior.

Write out a note before you go to Amazon to purchase the gift eBook. Be sure you have each recipient’s correct e-mail address, and Amazon will do the sending. Skip one trip to a quick food restaurant, and you will save enough to pay for gifts to several friends. Do it today! -- $3.00 for each gift

The Spanish translation is also only $3.00 from:

In your gift is for a student, you

should consider giving Word Dynamics

It's an eBook that has chapters (that work like flash cards) for memorizing 500 roots, prefixes, and suffixes (most are Latin building blocks for English words). College entrance exams, and some employment tests, include evaluate the applicant's vocabulary. Word Dynamics is great preparation for those vital tests.

It includes the chapters from You Can Have a Great Date with God – He has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty, so you don't have to purchase both eBooks. It's a gift that can impact a student's life in the here and now, and for all of eternity.

The vocabulary builder is a lure, and the extra chapters are bait with hooks to catch students for Jesus Christ. It only costs $4.77, and there are no additional run time fees. More information and a link to purchase it from Amazon are at:

Every life insurance company has its agents give

people business cards, and every church should equip their

Christian soldiers with Great Commission Business Cards.

Great Commission Business Cards

You could call them cyber-tracts, because each card has a link to a web page that presents the Gospel and compelling Christian evidences. If each of your church's members spend a few seconds here and a few seconds there passing out cards to people they meet, that will plant thousands of evangelistic seeds, and give your Christian Soldiers many opportunities to share personal testimonies.

Your church can get 5,000 cards for about $60

The cards can include an invitation to visit your church

I don't sell cards -- just provide printer-ready content, and host the web pages at no cost to your church or the readers. They are funded by eBook royalties, and never request personal information. Donations are not needed, and the web pages do NOT include a way for a reader to make a donation.

After your layout is ready, you can order cards directly from or a local printer. Sample cards, and instructions on how to customize them for your church, business, or personal use, are at:

1,000 cards only cost about $30, or you can get 5,000 cards for about $60. At 10,000 or more they are about a penny a card from (all of these estimated prices include s&h). There are no additional costs for churches or individuals to use them. Churches, individuals, and businesses can include local information on the bottom of the back side of their cards, or put these layouts with links to evangelistic web pages on the back of any other card.

After short presentations of verifying Christian evidences and the Gospel, each web page refers the reader to Amazon for the three dollar eBook. You Can Have a Great Date with God – He has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty. Readers who are not assured of heaven are encourages to buy it and read it, because you can't take those dollars with you to buy cold drinks to cool off in that other place.”

When your members pass out cards, they will find that most recipients will respond with with a positive, “thank you.” Just giving someone a card will plant an evangelistic seed. But some will open the door for the giver to share a personal testimony or to present the Gospel. The cards should include an invitation to visit your church.

The Great Commission is a Go and Tell strategy. Your members are going places every day where they meet people who may be doubters, skeptics, or atheists. Giving business cards that functions like cyber-tracts is a non-confrontational way to tell.

We desperately need a spiritual awakening in America. This is a simple way your church can put boots on the ground and help make it happen. For some believers, giving people these cards will break the ice for them to become personal witnesses for our Savior. The following link includes samples and a strategy to encourage your members to make it happen.

Guerrilla Theater is like Guerrilla warfare

Youth groups can present this humorous skit

at their schools. It has a surprise ending

that powerfully presents the Gospel:

Older believers can present this skit anyplace

from public parks to nursing homes.

About The Jesus People Movement

I trusted in Jesus as my Savior in the spring of 1961, and six months later I enrolled at Western Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary (now Western Seminary). I graduated in 1964, and immediately joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ.

During my third year on the Campus Crusade staff, the Jesus People movement erupted in California, and quickly migrated to other states. When it peaked in 1972, I continued my ministry to college students as the pastor of Grace Bible Church, then a very small church in Bryan, Texas. During my pastorate we relocated it to College Station, a few blocks from Texas A&M University – where God has greatly blessed it. So my boots were on the ground before, during, and after the Jesus People became a nation wide awakening.

It will be different this time -- but it can happen again

Time Magazine, Newsweek, and other news sources had many stories about the Jesus People movement. But they did not know why it happened. I believe why it happened” is very important, and has been missed by historians. When I explained a major factor to a professor at a Christian college who wrote his thesis on The Jesus People, he was surprised and responded, Nobody ever told me about that.”

The first chapter, Lessons from the Sixties, in my eBook, As You Are Going... Make Disciples, explains that vital why. It's a must read for anyone who has a burning heart for evangelism, because it has information that can help us have another spiritual awakening.

Please read Lessons from the Sixties, in the free trial at: – $3.77

In addition to telling true stories that will encourage readers to share their faith, this eBook also has some extra chapters that work like flash cards to help believers memorize 130 Bible verses that focus on the person and work of Jesus Christ on the cross. When Jesus was challenged in the wilderness by Satan, He responded with Bible verses. If you are prepared, you can do the same thing when you are challenged by a skeptic.

As You Are Going... Make Disciples has endorsements by Oregon’s Senator Mark O. Hatfield, Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. Earl Radmacher, and Young Life area director, John Wayland. You can read these endorsements and information about my other books at:

Preventing youth from becoming church drop-outs

I have concluded there are three primary reasons why many young adults drop out of church after they leave home.

First, some do not really understand the Gospel. I have found that many have faith in having faith. I have often had to explain to a student that “faith” is a word that demands an object, That having faith in faith is like trying to throw throw – an absurdity. I then explain more fully that the only valid object of faith is Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, and what He did for them when He died on the cross.

Second, many have never been confronted with clear explanations of the rock solid evidences that verify the claims of historic Christian faith. Young adults who have never been convinced that Christian faith is true and valid have at best a shallow faith. If they cannot defend it when challenged by skeptics, they can easily lose it. And sadly, many from Christian families are losing it.

Third, Many believers have their faith destroyed by the questions and objection to the Gospel and the Bible that are posed by skeptics and sometimes from college professors. We must answer them in anticipation of the attacks.

Your church can give every teenager in your youth group the set of four mp3 albums for about what you might give to an evangelist or special speaker who visits your church. Let's assume 200 students (or members) at a total cost of $1,394. That's about what you might give in a love offering for a speaker who brings a series of messages. An offering to cover the cost for albums for students (or for everyone in your church who would promise to be trained by repeatedly listening to them) would not have the present impact of a visiting speaker. But instead of one person having an impact for one week, training believers can lead to lifetimes of sharing the Gospel with people who never darken the doors of a church.$3

As mentioned above, all three chapters in the $3 e-book are also included in WORD DYNAMICS. This e-book can help any student develop a stronger vocabulary, and that may also help them in qualification tests for college and future careers. At only $4.77, it's a good low cost gift that is an investment in a student's future. More info is at

Digitally, these eBooks are small. So they can be kept in a student's iPhone, Tablet, or PC bookshelf for future reference when they are challenged by a skeptical friend or professor. I am confident that giving these eBooks will help prevent future church drop-outs. The three chapter e-book is at: $3.00

It is also in Spanish for the same price at:

When I graduated from seminary, I committed myself to a Second Timothy 2:2 ministry. The Lord blessed that commitment in ways far beyond what I could have even imagined. My prayer is for my personal story to encourage others to also commit to a Second Timothy 2:2 mentoring ministry. Please click and read:

Additional personal background information is at:

More information about my eBooks is at:

    I do not have an organization people can join, and I do not seek donations. Royalties cover the expenses for hosting the free web pages (not from advertising – they slow up web pages). I am depending on you to make it happen by telling others about this ministry.

Bob Prall, M.Div. Author and Evangelism Encourager

Learn Fast Trust, PO Box 73486, Houston, TX 77273-3486

bob (at) gospelgiftbooks dot com (at 80 years old, I may not respond)

Please send the link for this web page to your

Christian friends – www EvidenceForSkeptics dot com

And don't forget to send EASTER PRESENTS

as birthday, graduation, and anniversary presents

or as gifts for any other occasion.